Michigan Memories 2017

Good morning from Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada. Today I dug deep into my archives this morning for these iPhone photos from 2017 on the lake I grew up on in Michigan. I still so wish that I would have brought my Nikon! Next time I will, and with the 35mm lens as it’s small which will allow it in my travel bag nicely. I did plenty of processing to bring these images to what they are, I hope you like them.

2 thoughts on “Michigan Memories 2017

    • Thanks very much Donna, if only I’d have brought my old Nikon! It’s a D3300 series body… DROVE BY MY FAVORITE camera store today, had to resist the urge to go look again. My current crop of Nikkors won’t fit the newer Nikon bodies to the best of my knowledge. Sorry for the caps, not shouting!

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