5 thoughts on “Lake Mead in Need

  1. Congress just passed the Drought Contingency plan to protect Lake Mead’s elevation. Seven states and Mexico draw water from the Colorado River. Las Vegas taps the system for 90% of its water.

    The Imperial Valley’s Salton Sea was a victim in what has been an ongoing water war between different water agencies. The sea depends on agricultural runoff to maintain its elevation.

    Congress pretty much wrote off the sea which is facing a catastrophic environmental crisis. Priority was granted to Lake Mead to ensure that it had enough water to generate hydroelectric power.

    The Southern California Metropolitan Water District had to agree to the plan in order to protect its rights to draw water from Lake Mead. The Imperial Valley, which holds senior rights to the Colorado, was left high and dry.

    • I’ve heard these things before, it’s great they are doing something to help. There’s just way too much pressure on the lake! The Salton Sea is an unbelievable mess, I visited it a couple years ago. It’s so sad and it stinks badly. Shame on our government! That lake could be a tourist paradise if the damned governments would begin acting like adults.

      • The sentiment in Congress is that the Salton Sea is not a natural body of water — that it was formed by a freak accident when the levee broke and the Colorado River flooded a 400 square mile salt basin. As such, it is not worth saving. Back in the day, it rivaled Palm Springs as a vacation destination, and it’s an important habitat for millions of migratory birds along the Pacific Flyway.

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