You Communicate Through This…

Imagine a world where these cell towers weren’t even thought of yet, a landscape devoid of them. A world without that handy little device stuffed in your pocket, purse or fanny pack. A world where you can’t instantly chat with friends across the globe.

These towers are of course just one piece of our connected world, other links such as the thousands of miles of Trans-Atlantic cables crossing many oceans laid upon the ocean floor, and satellite communications of course.

They are all just one link in a chain that crosses hundreds of thousands of miles. Next time you see one of these towers, consider the complexity of the technology you use each day and how wonderful it is, yet for all of it’s power, it is rather fragile. Just like when your phone screen cracks!

Drop Off

Look down, waaay down. This is Lone Mountain Road at the Clark County or CC 215 freeway looking east. It’s hazy today so the mountains on the east side of Las Vegas Valley are not so clear today. The temperature was eighty five when I snapped the photos, ninety degrees is forecast for today.

Fire Truck Painting

I had my home sprayed for bugs again today as I was in the kitchen a couple days ago at the sink, out the corner of my eye I saw movement. Oh, hello Mr. Scorpion! Man that pissed me off so off comes my right house shoe and Bamo! I made a pancake out of a scorpion instantly!

How the 1.5 or 2.0 inch bastard got inside the house I dunno but the entire property has been sprayed inside and out. Again! That’s basically my day today, waiting about the house for three hours, then the employee missed his three hour window. Really? I do have other things to do!

Later I headed out for a joy ride, such a beautiful day today in spite of the threatening skies. Tonopah, NV had thunderstorms and flash flooding early today. Tonopah is way north of Las Vegas. Anyway, driving about I passed this neat painting on the wall of a school so I swung about into the parking lot for the photo. I had to crop the hell out of this image to get the school’s name out of the frame.

A tip of my hat to the artist!

Desert Hell

Here’s a rework of an older desert photo from just outside Las Vegas last year, adding the red makes things look like you are on Mars or some planet in another galaxy. Desert hell!

Flying The Loop

As I mentioned a few days ago, it seems the Las Vegas Metro Police fly very near my home once or twice per week… They be after those bad actors, take them all downtown the the Detention Centre where they belong! Not a place you want to be! I’ve drove by it a few times and I assure you it looks creepy…

Honoring Our Police Men and Women 6

Here is the final set of photos from the other day, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. For those using Instagram, have you noticed how you can no longer move your photos around before posting? All I can do now is basically upload them as IG dictates I can. Nothing I’ve tried allows movement of the images like it was, the movement is so restricted. WHY?

What a bunch of morons they are. It was far and away bad enough when the site was polluted with advertising, the same bullshit we see on the boob toob. Now IG is forcing us to upload images how they want. In due time I will eventually dump Instagram which is really terrible in terms of user interactions. My photography receives far more views and comments over there than they ever will on this stupid blog.

Honoring Our Police Men and Women

I passed by the Police Memorial Park yesterday, I decided to come back today for several photos. Not the best lighting conditions today as there was a big batch of rain not far to my west when I was shooting. I took about twenty five photos, here are the first three. The memorial has two sides which face east and west. Thank you to the men and women of our Nevada Police forces. All gave some. Some gave all. 🙏🏻

I used the Sigma 10-20mm lens for these images.

Flow Control

This is the outlet of a small Detention Basin that controls the rainwater runoff from the mountains beyond. There must be dozens of these concrete spillways around Las Vegas Valley. Rather odd photos really…

On A Run

As I approached this intersection, this Fire and Rescue truck pulled out of it’s station and headed south. Thank you Las Vegas Fire and Rescue teams for all you do for the people of this city.

Analog Antenna

Just a goofy photo from yesterday, an old style TV antenna for the retired Analog TV broadcast format. Notice the repeater tower atop the mountain in the far distance. That mountain will block your signal!

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Yesterday I left the house, noticed a yellow dot on the other side of the street. Came back, it was still there so what is it? It’s a Wilson golf ball with Sponge Bob Square Pants looking goofy as always!