6 thoughts on “Neon Museum 2

  1. John in our trips to Las Vegas we have never been to the Neon Museum. I’ve heard so much about it and think it would be fascinating.

    • It really is guys, the staff can answer all of your questions, they were really good! Well worth the $22 bucks! It’s at 770 Las Vegas Boulevard, North Las Vegas. Basically just north of the Stratosphere and the big venues.

  2. An excellent image John. The Neon Junk Yard is a place I have always wanted to visit. the other place is that huge aircraft park in the desert which, I think, is somewhere near you. I’m not sure if visitors are allowed into the aircraft park – row upon row of aircraft that are surplus to requirements. Not sure if they are military or civilian aircraft or both. One day!!!

    • Thank you Richard. I’ve heard of that place before but have no idea where it is. I love airplanes but a boneyard may not be too exciting…

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