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Hey all thanks for stopping by. I have been meaning to get to the Neon Museum for several days but things kept getting in the way including a recent bout of nasty thunderstorms.

After living in Las Vegas for six years, it’s time I visited this place and I will tell you right now that it’s worth the twenty two dollars it cost to get in. I took one hundred nine photos with the iPhone!

Why with the iPhone you may ask? There is a good reason why the museum won’t allow higher resolution images to be taken and it’s pathetic!

Not too long ago, a European group went through the museum and captured plenty of high resolution photos of the old signs from long ago in Las Vegas’ history. They took them back to Europe and have used them in their own productions without any fear of legal violations.

As with other things I have come across in this life, it’s usually a small core group of freaking assholes That screw everything up for the lot of us. Thanks, assholes. Hence I was not allowed to use my old Nikon D3300 and the 35mm lens inside the display area.

So, if you visit the Neon Museum thinking you will take your ‘big’ and ‘actual’ camera inside, think again. All of that bullshit aside, I seriously recommend you visit the Neon Museum.

There are trained employees walking about that can answer any questions you may have, and that they did super well! This was a wonderful way for me to become even better acquainted with my adopted city and it’s rich history.

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  1. John that is so fascinating that they allow iPhones. I admit a lot of our blog photos are taken with our phones. So I would think if they are serious about stopping publication they would ban all devices. At any rate I’m so happy to see your images. Yes definitely putting this on the list for the next Vegas trip!

    • Wow thank you Diann! You’ve probably been there. I have several more to upload, took over 100 photos.

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