4 thoughts on “Regression of Human Intelligence

  1. Some deodorant labels read, “Do not ingest”. If someone is so dumb that they don’t know not to eat their roll-on … then they probably don’t know what “ingest” means.

    I have found that people don’t even read signs. We posted signs on the doors and registers of our convenience store — No Public Restrooms — yet 100 people a day would ask, “Do you have restrooms?”

    We had signs on the locked beer cage — Ask Cashier to Unlock Door — yet 20 people a day would nearly rip the door off trying to grab a beer.

    Our gas pumps were clearly marked — Do Not Use Cell Phone While Pumping Gas — yet most of our customers talked on their phone while filling their tank.

    People are really that dumb, or they simply don’t care.

    • People are really that stupid. I’ve seen countless assholes smoking well within fifty foot of fuel pumps around town. I am fearful for my safety and leave quickly. Due to the high frequency that cell phones use, it’s never a good idea! BOOM!

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