A Well Dressed Man

Stopped at yet another traffic light I grabbed the Nikon to capture this really well dressed man. I have zero idea what he was selling, possibly news papers or magazines? I admire his being so well dressed for his job, and his obvious enthusiasm for his work. Some drivers at the intersection waved him off politely, he was polite in return. Others bought the goods he was selling. I hope the man makes good money!

8 thoughts on “A Well Dressed Man

  1. They collect money for their church and for a “donation” they will give you a paper. (Usually located around Lake Mead and Martin Luther King Blvd. I used to work at the school located there, So I had an opportunity to talk with him one day).

    • That’s amazing Diann! What are the odds that I’d snap a photo and you have met him! Thanks for the info. I may have been in that area!

        • I see, I am familiar with the area. Went by there I think on the way to the Neon Museum the other day. You could teach me a lot about my adopted city Diann!

  2. So nice that you noticed him. I like that he wore a bow tie too. He was well dressed, that’s for sure!

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