Radio Communications have fascinated me since I was in my twenties in the early 1980’s hence I do like to photograph radio towers and the associated antennas, feed lines and such. I think this tower has communications systems for NV Energy whom handle all that wonderful electricity coming from Boulder City and our beautiful Hoover Dam. If you visit Las Vegas then you’ve got to visit Hoover Dam!

2 thoughts on “Communications

    • There are a hell of a lot of cables in this city! Those huge hydro towers with the cables, and this messy bunch in the photo. My ham license is still valid but I mostly just listen these days. Bought a new scanner recently, it’s a Home Patrol 2 built by Uniden. Best scanner I’ve ever owned. Recently picked up a Yaesu VX6 too which has 2/220/70 in it with a triband antenna. Works great and has really expanded RX too.

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