Oleanders at The Main Gate

Waiting for the exit gates to open in my subdivision I snapped this quickie with the Nikon. I am glad that my HOA is finally getting things done around here. That includes telling home owners in my subdivision to stop being lazy as hell and get to work on their tiny little front yards. Weeds! Overgrown grass! Un-pruned bushes and trees! After twenty plus years in lawn and yard maintenance I find it both humorous and annoying that these people can’t take care of such extremely small properties.

Also, the entrance gates were rebuilt in terms of the motors and drive chains which open and close the gates. Yay! Next month the streets will all be coated and sealed. This is my second home in an HOA in Las Vegas. I both like and dislike an HOA but it’s needed so that mine and others’ investment isn’t setting directly next to a total pig who leaves torn down engine blocks all over the yards.

Oleanders in full spring bloom

4 thoughts on “Oleanders at The Main Gate

  1. If I ever own my own house again, I prefer no HOA. To me, it’s added rules which aren’t always fair and expense.

    • I have to agree with you. Rules are good, rules can suck. Most of the time they are agreeable. There is already an abundance of dipshit dog owners around here that need fining. Dogs are dogs, they bark. Not the animal’s fault! It could be worse eh?

      • I lived in a condo in California and joined the HOA Board for 2 years. The favoritism was ridiculous! And, NO, it isn’t the dogs fault, owner’s don’t train them.

        • The dipshit two doors down from me has stopped letting his barking, growling piece of shit from running loose. One more time, I call animal control. I grew up with dogs but today I’ve no tolerance for them.

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