12 thoughts on “Hanging from A Rock

    • Oh hell no say I as well but if it make’s one’s weenee wiggle then go for it… Such a bad idea!

    • Me too Richard! A dangerous way to risk one’s life. This location is just outside the city.

  1. Wow. I’ve done plenty of rock climbing in my youth, but just didn’t have the strength to tackle overhangs like that. Straight up and down for me, but some quite difficult grades.

    • I don’t doubt it Baldy! This is a young guy up there, I honestly believe that this is a bad idea. Why risk your life like this… This is Calico Basin, just outside of the city.

      • All on a rope for me. That guy seems to be free climbing. He probably hasn’t given a second thought to those that might have to risk their lives in a rescue attempt.

        • Last year a woman was on a mountain along the Red rock Escarpment which is a fault line, she fell a good way, the Red Rock Rescue team was called in with a chopper to lift her down. She went to the hospital. It’s just not a good sport Baldy. Just one guy’s opinion of course.

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