Overnight Rains

Good afternoon from Vegas! I awoke at seven AM today to my phone telling me there was a flash flood watch at three AM. Damn. I really dig watching thunderstorms! All I got this time was a small mess in the backyard to clean up which lead to my scuffle hoeing the rocks in the front yard to ‘puff’ them back up if you take my meaning.

In time, the rocks gradually sink so using the hoe pulls them back up. They look a whole lot better actually! I have tons of baby palm trees trying to push up in certain areas of the backyard because the previous owner(s) failed to have the seeds pruned whilst they were still on the tree! Home maintenance and pride of ownership are very important to me.

These homes are small as are the lots, hence it’s incredibly simple for me to maintain from decades of experience working in landscape work. A labour of love! Here are four photos from earlier today: