3 thoughts on “Tortoise in Summerlin

  1. Living in the desert, we had pet tortoises — three, to be exact — Moe, Larry and Curly. Moe, the smallest, would always tip over the other two. Curly was an escape artist who liked to tunnel under the fence. On one occasion, Curly had been missing for several days. I mean, how far can a tortoise go? Much to our surprise, my Dad found him (miles away) tied to the back of a Harley Davidson. The biker saw Curly in the middle of a desert road and strapped him to the rear of his hog. By the way, Curly turned out to be a girl, but that’s another story.

    • That’s an amazing story! The biker should have let him be… I wonder if this guy in Summerlin needs a license or something to possess these?

      • We would need a permit today in California to have a tortoise. Nevada also has laws post-1985 that govern possession of the desert tortoise.

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