Staying Sharp

Call me a redneck but I bring some of my tools inside to sharpen them! This pruning sheer gets a hell of a lot of use around my yard as you can see. Mostly it’s used for pruning the Mediterranean Fan Palm out front. That damn thing grows incredibly fast and I ain’t joking, it’s a once per week job to keep the Pups cut back. I’ve already pruned the berries off.  The hardware store would sharpen the blade, but it would be gone for more than a week. Seriously? So I purchased this tri-blade file, works great! The trick is to keep the angles correct on either side of the blade, they have different angles. Stay sharp my friends!

2 thoughts on “Staying Sharp

    • LOL Richard! Why thanks very much sir! Most kind. 😎 I get aggravated when I can’t even cut the pups that grow out of the ground. These palms are aggressive growers!

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