6 thoughts on “The Morning Java

    • Yes, I did go back to the theme I’ve been using for a long time. The other theme is too simplistic. This theme has more options for the visitor.

      • We talked about this a few days ago. Don’t mind me. I was confusing myself because sometimes I look at your blog on the WordPress Reader while other times I link directly. So I’m either looking at the home page with the thumbnails, or the post page with the expanded photo. I only notice when I see the thumbnails because they’re hard for me to see because of low vision.

        • No worries David. In all the years I’ve used WordPress, I’ve never once used that reader thing. Why look at that when you can pull up the actual site? That’s my take.

          • I just started using the Reader for the sake of convenience. I follow 200 blogs, and would receive an email notification for each new post. What a hassle to log in to my email account, scroll through the emails, click the blog, close the window, reopen the email …

            With Reader, I get instant notifications while logged into WordPress and can respond immediately with a like or comment. It works for me.

            • I see, didn’t know how that works of course. My current number is 151 followed. I receive up to 30 emails overnight from blogs. I pick through those I want to open, the rest go in the bin.

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