5 thoughts on “Your Morning Traffic

  1. Wow – that’s some major power lined up there! 5 meds…sounds familiar in our house. Who says doctors are creative in their care plans?!

    • Thanks! Those power lines are almost everywhere around the valley. I take more than five meds per day Shelley, these are most of them. Having Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease means meds… Sucks.

      • You’re welcome. The average senior takes 14 or more/day. Yes, it does suck, but thankful for the benefits of keeping you and other people alive!

        • Awww thank you Shelley! So kind 🙏🏻 I forgot to mention chronic high BP too. Keeping the BP machine close…

          • You’re welcome. Those diseases go hand in hand, that’s for sure. Way to keep tabs on all of it, that’s to your advantage in the long run!

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