East Then North

Since the late 1970’s I’ve had a very strong sense of direction because of working for the family business which included a whole lot of driving for the Parts Department and other departments. Driving in Las Vegas is difficult and still frustrating for me since I grew up in a far smaller city and am used to being surrounded by the woods, corn fields and soybean fields too.

Las Vegas is still a bit of a culture shock even after living here six years! The folks here aren’t as friendly which bothers me. The drivers are sadly very rude and sometimes highly aggressive which is not the normal thing for drivers in Michigan. Anyway, Las Vegas roads are set up generally in a grid form as are many roads in Michigan. This makes driving easier for me.

Once you know which way is north, you are all set! Use the Stratosphere Tower and the mountains to find your bearings from almost anywhere in Las Vegas Valley. Of course, why not use the GPS in your device? As sharp as my sense of direction still is, I still use the GPS in my iPhone ten because the streets here don’t always go the distance. I probably bored you to death with this rant!

Top photo: Eastbound. The others are Northbound with a rain shower on the mountain.