I have owned a Sangean radio exactly like this one for a few years now except that radio (i can’t find a photo of it on my own site!) is a totally different colour scheme, it’s much lighter than this one which was very recently purchased. The funny thing about this purchase is that I was shocked to find two radios in the delivery box! Ummm, what the hell? After a bit of thought it became obvious!

I was shopping online for these items and a couple others before checking out. Oooops! Guess who forgot to check the quantity box? I am now the proud owner of two brand new Sangean radios!  Why do I love these radios so much? My love affair with radio began in 1980 when I was barely a year out of high school. High Skewl. High Skrewel. Those high school nights really were awesome.

I used the CB Radio band for a few years which was lotsa fun actually. Eventually I moved on to Ham, or Amateur Radio. Take your pick. I eventually decided that I much prefer the VHF and UHF bands which are much higher frequencies than CB Radio. Yet this little Sangean receiver has a special place with me because of how beautifully it works on the Shortwave Radio bands which are very low in frequency.

Sangean even includes a sweet carry case and 30+ foot Long Wire antenna that rolls up like a tape measure does! Of course it also receives AM Radio too as does your car or truck radio but the sensitivity (how well it hears) on AM (amplitude modulation) is nothing short of fantastic. Then it has the standard FM Radio too which sounds damn good coming from just one very good little speaker.

Anyway, I snapped these photos last night – actually more like twelve photos, and settled on these two:

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  1. Steam radio!!! You can’t beat it. 73s!

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