Ground Zero

This six trunk Mediterranean Fan Palm lives in front of my place, welcome to the Mojave and Desert Scape Landscaping. There are six trunks on this palm tree, the sixth trunk is behind the trunk at full left.

These trees grow like the proverbial weed!

Once per week, I must take my pruning sheers deep into Ground Zero to knock back the recently removed growth via chainsaw to keep the damn things under control. The new Fronds trying to pop up inside Ground Zero are locally referred to as Pups. I dunno man…

Also, the berries or fruit was removed straight away when it became a certain size. Fruit from this tree can attract rats and other very undesirable varmints. Proper maintenance of trees improves your investment as well as your entire community! I wish my neighbours had that same train of thought….

Seriously, when you see the entire tree, it looks gorgeous!