A Kiddie Party in The Kingdom

OK, I’m attempting to be very enthusiastic with my titles lately! A bit ago I stepped outside for some sunshine and eighty one degree love. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear the party going on behind my home! Obviously this is a child party but boy are they whoopin’ it up man!

I’ve never met these folks, they are Hispanic (which is perfectly fine!) as I hear nothing but Spanish in their backyard, the music is really wonderful! I thought the little blowup house was cute so of course your’s truly had to go for the shot. We can never know what each day will bring…

6 thoughts on “A Kiddie Party in The Kingdom

  1. I hope that doesn’t happen Terri! Too much noise, my neighbourhood is generally pretty quiet. I actually couldn’t hear any of it in the living room with the TV on, yay!

  2. Just wait for the full-on quincineara, John. A great party and music….all night long. A couple of our neighbors have had those celebrations lately…had to close the windows.

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