Honoring Our Police Men and Women 6

Here is the final set of photos from the other day, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. For those using Instagram, have you noticed how you can no longer move your photos around before posting? All I can do now is basically upload them as IG dictates I can. Nothing I’ve tried allows movement of the images like it was, the movement is so restricted. WHY?

What a bunch of morons they are. It was far and away bad enough when the site was polluted with advertising, the same bullshit we see on the boob toob. Now IG is forcing us to upload images how they want. In due time I will eventually dump Instagram which is really terrible in terms of user interactions. My photography receives far more views and comments over there than they ever will on this stupid blog.

6 thoughts on “Honoring Our Police Men and Women 6

  1. Good. But just to let you know that I am your friend even if we haven’t met. So, now you have at least 3 friends in this state. HA!

    • Yes actually, if you contain those met strictly to social media. The blog isn’t stupid but I sure can be! Have two friends in the entire state, was married before I came here, decided to stay and stay single permanently. Have met many folks from my home state on IG, good to connect with people like myself. Folks out here are quite different in a few ways from we northern folks…

  2. New to all this “social media” forum stuff, I do agree John, it is very challenging. I receive far more likes and comments over on Instagram as well, some days I feel like I am swimming in technology

    • Swimming in Technology, I like that and it’s really true too Diann. I did figure out how to adjust the photos in IG, but why the hell do that? All the dopes did was add extra steps to the process. I guess the employees at IG have to appear as though they are actually working…

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