Fire Truck Painting

I had my home sprayed for bugs again today as I was in the kitchen a couple days ago at the sink, out the corner of my eye I saw movement. Oh, hello Mr. Scorpion! Man that pissed me off so off comes my right house shoe and Bamo! I made a pancake out of a scorpion instantly!

How the 1.5 or 2.0 inch bastard got inside the house I dunno but the entire property has been sprayed inside and out. Again! That’s basically my day today, waiting about the house for three hours, then the employee missed his three hour window. Really? I do have other things to do!

Later I headed out for a joy ride, such a beautiful day today in spite of the threatening skies. Tonopah, NV had thunderstorms and flash flooding early today. Tonopah is way north of Las Vegas. Anyway, driving about I passed this neat painting on the wall of a school so I swung about into the parking lot for the photo. I had to crop the hell out of this image to get the school’s name out of the frame.

A tip of my hat to the artist!