Month: Jun 2019

Coming Down the Mountain

It’s a fourteen mile drive to the valley floor from the top of Lee Canyon, or close to that anyway. It’s interesting to watch the types of vegetation change as you descend the mountain slope, the Joshua Trees seem to… Read More ›

An Ancient Lava Throat?

That’s my first thought about this rock formation. The only extinct volcanoes I know of remotely close to the Spring Mountains are just south of Baker, California.

The Dust Devil

Heading home from the mountain the other day on the 95 freeway, a dust devil swirled it’s way from west to east across the road. I tried for the shots before I passed it but the damn camera didn’t fire!… Read More ›

A Fiery Sunset!

I was pleasantly surprised to see this sunset going on last night! I thought to walk to the backyard and check with the 35mm lens on the Nikon. Sweet! I did very little processing to these images.