6 thoughts on “The Plant

    • Exactly Diann!! I was on one big joy ride yesterday. I came up the big boulevard past the speedway, continued on north after passing under the 15. I like how the plants look, makes cool photos!

      • They certainly do John! I wish I had my “good” camera yesterday during our travels, the “plants” out there had all kinds of dust flying! ….have you smelled the “dump” out there yet on your travels?

          • When you get off at the Apex exit…instead of going to the left towards Alamo under the freeway, the dump is to the right …..right off the exit…. and ohhhhhhhh does it STINK at times….. BLAHHHHHH!!!!!

            • OK, I’m glad we can’t smell it easily! I recently began recycling things at home, using that blue bin you put at the road. I am so amazed at how much goes in the blue can, I have ONE bag of actual garbage per week now, wow!!!

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