Nellis AFB Runways and The Vegas Strip

This is a cool photo in my not so humble opinion! You are looking south by southwest on Las Vegas Boulevard with a large portion of the Las Vegas Strip in the background. Closer in you can see two runways used by our military jets at Nellis Air Force Base. Thank you for your service! I was bummed that there were no jets taking off or landing this day, that’s always exciting!

6 thoughts on “Nellis AFB Runways and The Vegas Strip

  1. Would enjoy seeing pictures of the Thunderbirds in flight, and maybe a few pics from inside their museum. Is it open to the public?

    • Ive seen them just once in six years when I was working very near the base, beautiful to see. I went to their website just now, copied this:

      In order to visit the museum, you must have installation access by possessing a valid Department of Defense identification card or be sponsored onto base by an individual who has installation access. The museum may be subject to closure without notice, due to the high operations tempo of the squadron. For the most up-to-date information, please call 702-652-7200.

      Museum Hours
      Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 3:00pm

      Museum will be closed from 22 Dec 2018 – 1 Jan 2019 for the holidays. It will re-open on 2 Jan 2019 at 9:00am.

      4445 Tyndall Avenue
      Nellis AFB, NV 89191

    • I had no idea he’s there Richard, I don’t follow politics. My BP is too high already haha!! He better respect Her Majesty!

  2. Nice one. Like the way the blue of the car ties in with the blue background. I always thought Las Vegas was built up – something like New York but it would appear you have all the tall buildings in a nice row through the centre of town…

    • Great eyes Richard! The Strip is indeed long and narrow. Either side of the Strip has the regular businesses that relate to servicing the Strip and of course residences.

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