Photo Perspectives of an Amateur Photographer

I’ve never thought of my photography as being professional in any sense of the word, and I don’t mean to minimise myself with that statement. I do a pretty darn good job for an amateur behind the lens. I’ve refused purchasing newer Nikon camera bodies and lenses because the equipment I have now works just fine for my needs as an amateur. Perhaps some day I’ll step up.

The title of this post reflects directly the change I made today to Las Vegas Photoblog’s Tagline. The tagline has not been changed since this site went live three years ago, it was time for a change. What do you think? It used to read “Capturing The Other Las Vegas”. The new tagline is more accurate I believe.

As always, thank you to each of you who come here regularly. You are so much appreciated!

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s wander, elevation changes are obvious!

6 thoughts on “Photo Perspectives of an Amateur Photographer

  1. I like your new tag line. I’ve been thinking about a refresh on mine as well. Since I started it, it has branched out differently than I imagined. I agree – no need for a new camera if what you have works!!

    • Thanks very much! The blog name could change too technically but nah, the search engines have this URL mapped. I did a bit of research regarding what changing a tagline can mean for a blog or a business. Doing so has made a significant difference for some businesses, I say it’s the same for a blog.

      The old tagline “capturing the other Las Vegas” refers to me being a Vegas local who sees much more of the city than most tourists ever will. The new tagline to me is more accurate. My Nikon and four lenses are well kept and work perfectly so… Save that money!

        • Yes! Honestly, I admit to uploading too many times per day, there are reasons why it’s not a great idea but this has been the format for the site for a good while now. It works, and I have the time and content. The site gets around 100 views or ‘hits’… per day. Sometimes over 200 but it’s rare.

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