Bonnie Springs Cowboy

Here’s an old photo I snapped at the now dead Bonnie Springs Ranch. Dumbass developers! Isn’t he just so handsome? Not! Look at the sign to the right of the wooden man, signs like this were frequent in my opinion, all around the property. Don’t do this and don’t do that! Signs signs everywhere a sign…

5 thoughts on “Bonnie Springs Cowboy

  1. … yet nobody reads signs. Although, I’ve discovered over the years that a good number of people simply ignore signs because they can’t see them. They’re too vain to wear glasses in public so it becomes the blind leading the blind.

    Then there are the scofflaws who flaunt the rules just for sport. Millennials are the worst offenders. They make up their own rules … like walking through a red light. When I’m out riding my bike, intersections become even more dangerous because I think I have a green light, but then I see people walking against the red .. and I do a hard brake and double take — sometimes flying over the handlebars.

    See, red lights only apply to cars — not Millennials walking home from the bar, or as one girl said mockingly in an annoying sing-songy tone:

    “Red light … go fly a kite.”

    • Many Millennials need their asses kicked, they are a bunch of gimme this and that and I want it all now and for freeee! There are zero entitlements in the United States regardless of what these pieces of shit think. When is the last time you watched MTV for example – the racism and anarchy I’ve seen there is 150% different than the MTV I remember in the 1980’s when it went live. We are in deep shit as a nation.

      • Millennials are the first generation totally immersed in technology, and indoctrinated through mass media, entertainment and a compromised public school system to fully embrace what is called “Democratic Socialism”.

        By any other name it is still socialism.

        As we approach the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Millennials might be reminded that a generation of Americans once fought and died to defeat socialism.

        Oh, you can put a dress on it and call it “Democratic”, but it is an insult to the memory of 418,500 Americans who fought and died to free Europe from this tyrannical form of government.

        Millennials scare the hell out of me.

        • I agree. These people vote for the scumbags like Hillary Klinton and Obama. They have zero idea what they are actually voting for.

          • They don’t know how to think. They can only process what has been poured into their brains of mush.

            Which is why universities have to provide Sensory Immersion Rooms — stocked with crayons and Play-Doh — where young adults can decompress when they hear views that are contrary to their indoctrination.

            I saw a young man holding an “Impeach Trump” sign. When asked why Trump should be impeached he said it was because the president lied.

            What did he lie about?

            The young man didn’t know. All he knew was that Trump is guilty. After all, socialists don’t believe in the presumption of innocence. That’s a democratic tradition, and these people rejected democratic principles long ago.

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