It’s Rare But…

I’ll be traveling tomorrow to see my father and children back home in Michigan. Finally! Talk and text is fine of course but there still ain’t nothing like the real thing. Looking forward to seeing some old friends I worked with for more than twenty years too, this sort of stuff is good for my heart. And I don’t mean my bad ticker either!

At times it’s very difficult for me to live so far away from my home, of course it’s my family that tugs at my heart strings but I made the direct decision to remain in Las Vegas after my divorce. I don’t regret that decision at all but that doesn’t make it easier when missing family so much. My regular followers, did you know that I have zero family in Nevada?

I’m here alone. I have two friends, that’s all so you can see that the decision to remain in Vegas was a difficult one. I’m a tough old geezer, mentally and emotionally so I can deal with that. Still, it’s that deep longing to be with family that hurts.

I will of course have plenty of photography to share in this space and on Instagram upon my return as you can see by the Nikon with the 35mm lens attached, the best all-around lens for the journey in my opinion. My suitcase is tiny, barely large enough for minimal amount of clothing, shaving stuff, CPAP and camera!

12 thoughts on “It’s Rare But…

    • Thanks Richard. It’s been wonderful being with family and old friends. Makes me o! I snapped 325 photos on this trip…

    • Yeah sometimes that’s the case and I agree too. Love my family but I chose to stay here after the divorce. It’s tough sometimes being far away but Those big old jet liners take me home Swiftly.

    • Thanks! It’s been wonderful being with family and old friends too. Fills my heart with joy!

  1. Have a nice and safe travel dear John. I can almost understand you, because my son is living far from us and we miss him so much. It’s not being easy to travel there always… Anyway, Have a nice days with your family, I am sure you will catch many images during your travel. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank yo Nia, I took 325 photos on this trip. Deleted the bad ones off the camera today. Will begin processing them Tuesday morning. Lots of cool photos and some video too. ❤️🙏🏻😎

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