A Ride in a 1910 Mitchell!

Howdy from Michigan! I’m so enjoying time with dad today! This morning we worked on a 1910 Mitchell trying to get the carburetor right, and lubing the valve train among other things.

I had lunch with dad and my son too, tomorrow we all will get together again. Wish my daughter wasn’t  busy but she’s married and has other plans. That’s life.

We took the old car for at least two runs which showed the engine was running better but still needs work.

I’m just checking in here on the blog and am doing this on my iPhone, it’s a tough way to do this! See you next time. 🤙🏻😎

7 thoughts on “A Ride in a 1910 Mitchell!

  1. This is so nice, seems that working well and has a speed too… I wished to drive this old car…. Thank you, Love, nia

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