What is Insanity? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Insanity as:

Dated: A severely disordered state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder.

Law: Unsoundness of mind or lack of the ability to understand that prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status or transaction that releases one from criminal or civil responsibility.

Also, extreme folly or unresonableness and something utterly foolish or unreasonable.

That said, why am I mentioning this? Visit my Subscribe page and have a quick read. Since the inception of this site three years ago, I have removed business followers daily as my belief is that these “followers” are following purely for padding their pockets at the expense of others.

Once followed, they simply never return, rather, hope that someone will click on them and make them a sale. Sorry, not at my expense. The same persons continually attempt to re-follow day after day. And, day after day they are removed with two clicks. That my friends is a fine definition of insanity.

Many have tried, many have eventually given up in the attempt. Thanks to Akismet, that form of spam is removed automatically. However, these morons must be removed manually day to day. My advice to the insane, stop wasting my time. you will ultimately fail in the attempt.

Las Vegas Photoblog has few followers actually, considering the three years the site has been live on the web, however, to best of my knowledge the few followers are “actual” followers. I am not in this for the follower count. I enjoy photography and the sharing of my amateur photography with others, this the main reason for Las Vegas Photoblog. They try, they fail. They try they fail. That’s insane.

5 thoughts on “Insanity

    • Thanks again Shelley! I wonder how many other blogs remove businesses as I do? It’s really not a pain in the butt, takes a few clicks a day. They are just blood suckers, or like suckers on a tree that you prune off.

      • I’m not that saavy to remember to unclick them. They tend to just do so themselves once I don’t follow them in return.

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