Passing Through Chicago O’Hare

Well, as you can see here I’ve made it home to Las Vegas. I arrived home around 9:30 last night, it’s so good to be home! Speaking honestly, I seriously despise this airport for it’s insane pace, way too fast paced for me. Too many humans rushing too and fro. Grr! Yet I made it through the damn place twice once again.

I may once again battle this beast of an airport come August to visit family and friends again. I’m not a fan of running through airports! These photos are via the Nikon with the 35mm lens which I took instead of my 70-300mm lens, it just fits best in the suitcase!

Much more to come from my four day trip during which I snapped 325 photos with the Nikon, and several via my iPhone ten. Stick around won’t you?