A New Lens for The Nikon

Today I purchased a new lens for my collection. I purchased the Tamron 60mm Macro lens. These photos are among the first photos I’ve taken with the lens. It’s my first Macro lens so it’ll be a slight learning curve. I’ve never used anything Tamron but certainly several professional photographers I follow use them. Currently in the bag is the Nikkor 35mm, a Nikkor 70-300mm, a Sigma 10-20mm and now the Tamron 60mm Macro. I have a Nikkor 18-55 lens but it lives atop my microwave oven these days… It’s now nuked.

11 thoughts on “A New Lens for The Nikon

  1. I recently bought a macro lens for my new camera (both Canon) – still trying to learn all the settings. Have fun with your Tamron!

  2. Will your editing software perform focus stacking? So you’ll take three or four shots on different focal points then let the software blend the photos into one crisp, clear, focused image.

    • Not that I know of. Honestly, My software isn’t fancy at all. I don’t use Photoshop or anything like that. I find what I have now does everything I want it to do as an amateur photographer. Not ashamed of that! I do understand what your talking about though, sounds dandy!

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