It Was a Beautiful Sunrise

I snapped this photo early today on my street before the heat of the day got into full swing, so beautiful! Las Vegas Valley has an Extreme Heat Warning until eight PM Thursday night. The high temperatures are forecast to be one hundred seven degrees both today and tomorrow. Welcome to our summertime in Las Vegas Valley my friends! Do you think you could handle living here? We do have air conditioning!

10 thoughts on “It Was a Beautiful Sunrise

  1. Sunshine invigorates me! I moved here for the heat and a few other reasons. I don’t care if I sweat. It’s Las Vegas and that’s what matters to me.

  2. 113 degrees, 9% humidity, 7 mph wind … in El Centro. Outdoor activity is limited to early morning — or early evening before the sun sets and the mosquitoes start biting. People basically live indoors until October. Not a fun, healthy lifestyle for active people who like to ride their bike and such.

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