Where The Deer Leap

This photo isn’t much to look at but I know the history of this little piece of road. Over the decades, my father and some friends have hit deer that have leapt out of the Cedar Swamp on either side of the road. It’s a major blind spot as the swamp and trees are so dense, it prevents any driver from knowing that there is a deer near the edge of the road, ready to leap onto the road and commit suicide. Deer are pretty and frankly very tasty when prepared properly. But those little deer brains never get any smarter as the years roll by. One by one they crash cars, injure people then sometimes die in the process. Such smart animals…

3 thoughts on “Where The Deer Leap

    • It’s Apples and Oranges in this instance Tim – a color shocker! But honestly, it’s wonderful to be home. No stinging insects around here thank God. But I did arrive home to check the sticky traps in the garage, scored one one inch or so Scorpion. Pest Control is good! Nothing in the house. 😎


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