4 thoughts on “Gass in The Distance

  1. Dear John, I love your photography and you find an interesting images too, but I should say this, I passed without watching your previous image because I can’t look, I had an experience with them in our village home. I hate, I am afraid, they enter my dreams too… And I think of myself in stead of your, could I have taken their photographs…of course not, nia should have been locked because of her fear… Anyway, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Nia, I am sorry the images are so disturbing to you. It’s never my intention to offend or make my friends here feel uncomfortable while they are here. Apologies Nia. I too find these bugs bothersome and have seen what they do to people when stung. Hugs for you Nia!

      • No dear John, you don’t need to say apologies, actually you did great job, this is documentary as if… but I just wanted to explain my thoughts about them, even aligators, snakes, etc. I can’t look at them, they are my fearful things… and I couldn’t take their pictures 🙂 as cats… Please don’t say sorry Thank you, Love, nia

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