At The Foot of Those Red Rocks

Is the actual Red Rock Canyon. It is a seriously big depression or gash in the earth which has a Wash at it’s bottom. In several locations you can hike to the bottom, I wish I could make the trek but my heart just wouldn’t be in it! It’s a very steep drop in many places to the bottom, hence it’s not a good choice for people with health issues.

The parking situation needs serious improvement in my view, there just aren’t enough parking spaces along this canyon for the throngs whom visit. I have seen the entrance closed more than twice over the years, just too many people wanting to view the beauty of the canyon. There is an entrance fee of $15.00 per car or truck unless you purchase the yearly pass which I have as a local.

You can see the full fee schedule at this link. That said, the views of the valley due south are so beautiful, you can see a bit of Las Vegas Valley too if you are in the right location. Enjoy!