Get Me Sedated!

I had to laugh at this sign advertising getting blasted! And what a coincidence this is as well. I’ve needed some serious dental work for a bit now, today is the day I went back to my dentists and got the ball rolling on this and it’s gonna totally suck!

I’ve put this off too long now. I need a tooth removed (this coming Monday) that is infected underneath, once removed I go back to my regular dentist whom will build a Bridge. After this, there are two other areas of concern. Suffice it to say that I’ve got a problem that needs fixing immediately!

That said, come Monday I may disappear from this site and Instagram not that too many of you really care! Everyone dreads the dentist right?  Me too…

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  1. I positively hate dentist appointments!

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  2. Hang in there, John. You’ll be fine, today’s dentistry is not what it was decades ago. (Many moons ago I had a mouth full of bad teeth. Had ’em all pulled in one sitting, full upper and lower dentures followed. I’ve never regretted the decision.)

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    • Thank you so much guys! This is certainly on my mind a lot. I’m thinking positive though, it’s going to be so nice to have everything fixed! There are two other issues to be repaired as well, but this big nasty one is up first.

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  3. That is quite a strange advert! 😀

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  4. I care if you’re gone and will be praying for you on Monday. Don’t watch the Little Shop of Horrors dentist skit before Monday. Lol

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  5. Little Shop of Horrors is a musical comedy about a man-eating plant. No horror involved. However, the song about dentists is funny yet graphic.

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