On The Way to the Eye Doctor

Today I had an eye exam which included the Diabetic Exam as I have this done at least once per year. I also ordered (and paid for) new frames and lenses as I am tired of these older and slightly heavier frames I’ve had for some time now. I purchased a nicer shape frame which looks better on my head and a nice light Titanium frame. I have no Vision insurance so it was a cash sale… Anyway, I grabbed another drive-by photo of Tivoli Village on the way there. It was great fun driving home with my eyes dilated! NOT!!

7 thoughts on “On The Way to the Eye Doctor

  1. I love the colors in this photo! I can imagine that a bright sun was not fun with dilated eyes. Congrats on getting new specs. Here…so when will the selfie of you and the new specs be released?!

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