Horses in The Arena

I hit the road earlier today to get out of the house and perhaps find something interesting to photograph. low and behold, there were two horses at the Lone Mountain Equestrian area so out comes the zoom lens! One problem with photographing in this arena is that there’s obviously a major steel roof above which makes me have to do a lot more processing to pull the animals out of the dark.

I will always ask if I can take photos before taking photos, the women were obviously OK with my snapping happily away. Honestly, I know a total of nothing about horses other than they are beautiful animals and make wonderful photography subjects. These two horses refused to come to the owners even with a promise of cookies, wow! Doesn’t everyone love cookies, horses too?

There are fourteen photos in this set.

8 thoughts on “Horses in The Arena

    • Both horses looked healthy to me too, but I know nothing about the animal… So big and powerful!

    • No, the horses are privately owned. The arena is at the parking for Lone Mountain Trail on Jenson Street. There is a walking trail that runs all the way around Lone Mountain along the 215 freeway.

    • Dang, sorry about that guys. I shouldn’t have included it. On the flip side, horse poop is all about horses! πŸ˜‚

      • No apology needed! I was raised around horses, got thrown off my first one at age 5, and have cleaned many many pitch forks full out of stalls over the years. Kinda brings back memories…

        • Oh OK, thanks! Age 5, wow! Horses kind of scare me to be honest as they are so large and powerful animals. Yet they are so photogenic.

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