MTV Is Dead

If you are like me, you recall the early days of MTV when the station actually played music and music videos. Do you remember those good old days with Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood and others as the VJ’s? That is what MTV used to be. The name was actually correct. How much music have you seen on MTV lately if you still tune in even occasionally?

Virtually none. It’s a shame what has happened to this once great cable TV channel. Today we are deluged with advertisements for the latest bullshit programs the MTV executives believe is entertainment. Along with the regular list of bullshit advertising you’ll find on most of the cable channels. Advertising – a plague upon all forms of broadcasting.

MTV has a new series coming soon called The Hills. Sorry MTV Execs but this is nothing new. It’s nothing more than regurgitated material from previous years, but with a different mask. Trust me, I do not view any of those other dumb ass programs. The only program on MTV that’s worth my view is Ridiculousness with host Rob Dyrdek.

This program is funny but not when co-host Steelo Brim ads his occasional (in my view) racist comments. I’m considering dumping MTV all together, find something better to do than watch the moronic shit that MTV has become. I recall that August afternoon in 1981 when my friends and I all sat on the couch watching the very first hours of MTV in it’s infancy. Good days, good times.

The MTV Execs are going to have to rename this station at some point as the so-called content they broadcast on MTV today has almost nothing to do with music and everything to do with promoting Anarchy and hooliganism in my view. According to my calculator, it’s been 38 years since MTV launched. That’s a long time, but time has taken away what made MTV great. MTV is dead.

This link will take you to a good article on MTV’s early days when it was still great.

5 thoughts on “MTV Is Dead

  1. I was never a great watcher of MTV, but not because I didn’t/don’t like music – on the contrary – just never really had the time. These days, frankly, surfing YouTube’s as good as anything, especially if you’re stuck in a 60s/70s musical time-warp 🙂

    • That I am too. 60’s through the 80’s are my favourite years for rock music. Maybe I shouldn’t write up a post like this but I just want to get this nonsense out there and off my chest.

      It’s because of my appreciation for the days when musicians depended far less on computers and more so on their own talents. MTV is a big joke today, and I avoid Youtube whenever I can.

      I dumped everything Google in my life about six months ago, trying to get away from the beast that knows you too well! I also find the “new” MTV to have a bit of a racism problem too…

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