Oral Surgery Complete

My day began at 5:45 AM to get ready for the shuttle to pick me up for the ride to the surgeon’s office on Fort Apache road several miles south of my home. After arriving there on time, I filled out several pieces of the usual consents and such. The surgery began. I was given an injection of a narcotic (I think) that made life so incredibly lovely! And after this I lost track of time and space. It’s as though I left the world and simply vanished.

Then the world and my life suddenly reappeared once again. I felt really blasted, as though I’d been drinking booze with the guys at the lake in the hot sun for a bit too long. Whoa! I had a seriously good buzz going. I was rolled to the shuttle in a wheelchair by one of the nice staff. The shuttle returned me home directly and here I am.

I have the usual pain medication ready for when the numbness wears off, and a few days of Antibiotic too. In two weeks or so I have to return to that same office to have the Bone Graft put in place, Isn’t it lovely that I will have another human being’s bone inside my skull? I realise that this is a normal procedure but it’s still a bit weird.

From this point forward I’m expecting less difficult work in my mouth. A Bridge will be put in place over three bad teeth. There are two other areas of concern but doctor and I will take these next steps slowly, one at a time. Thank God for modern dentistry! More to come on this as it unfolds.

8 thoughts on “Oral Surgery Complete

  1. I am glad to hear that everything went well, get well soon dear John, my prayers for you too, Love, nia

    • Thanks so much Tim! So odd so good that I’ve got zero pain from the surgery! I go back the first week of July for doctor to see if the area has healed well enough to do the bone graft. Once that’s complete I get a new Bridge at the actual dentist. I messed up, waited too long for the surgery…

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