I Rode The Strip

After crabbing about how much I avoid the Vegas Strip lately, I actually decided to take a ride down the thing today from north to south. No stops except the always too long traffic lights. Apparently, Treasure Island offers free parking. I’ll think about it. I took 1.19 gig’s worth of photos which is an awful lot considering I made no real stops anywhere along the Strip.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy the ride. Too noisy, too many people on the road. On my trip since leaving my house, I saw three cars run red lights and someone damn near jumped a lane and slammed the right front of my truck on the Strip. Asshole drivers everywhere. This just backs up the reasons why I as a local stay the hell away from that place. Anyway, I got a few photos for you…

4 thoughts on “I Rode The Strip

  1. Have you been in this Hell Kitchen dear John? I watched them all in the television… Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia


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