If you care to have a look again, here is another set of our Las Vegas Strip from many miles away. I really can’t bring myself to drive down there and park so I can get some actual photos. Why? I detest the traffic and parking situation. Since most of the greedy venues now charge Locals for parking, I’m far less interested in visiting. I sincerely believe that those holding a Las Vegas or Henderson driver’s license should not be charged for parking, period. We contribute to the overall economy of Las Vegas every day as Locals. Charging us isn’t the right way to treat those who support our city. That said, I’m very sure that not charging us for parking won’t have any effect on the bank accounts of these greedy corporations.

2 thoughts on “Redundant

    • Hi Curt. I’m biased being a resident. Maybe that’s dumb but it is what it is, it wasn’t this way when I moved here. The damned casinos have enough money obviously. It’s pure greed. I love my adopted home with a couple exceptions…


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