Political Bullshit

Politics are absolutely not any part of my humble amateur photoblog yet once in a long while I’ll upload something political like these images I received from an old friend back home in Michigan. Yes, Michigan will always be my home regardless of living on the West Coast these days. I’ve always liked Clint Eastwood’s movies and his politics. I’m a very far right Conservative and find anything else highly offensive as it’s un-American. Today’s so-called Democrats are nothing like those from decades ago, should they have been as they are today, we would all be speaking German…

6 thoughts on “Political Bullshit

  1. I wouldn’t complain too much John. You might, but for a bit of a fortuitous historical twist, be burdened with British politicians (as we are over here). I’ve never heard so much bullshit as I’ve heard coming out of the mouths of our politicians in my own country lately!

  2. In changing the subject for a minute, I met Clint Eastwood and have a picture with him, somewhere when I worked for a fitness company years ago.

    • Thanks David. This sort of content isn’t the normal thing here but I do upload some of it when my buddy in Michigan sends it. I had a political blog years ago, it was not a good thing with the flamers. enough of that.

      • I was debating a liberal on their blog, and they edited or deleted my comments because they didn’t fit their narrative. It’s like talking to the hand. So much for diversity and free speech.

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