Return of The Ten Two

A couple days ago my tree trimming company stopped by to cut off the flowers and what will become tons of Palm Tree seeds. After the first of the year I found myself in the backyard daily for one purpose: to pull up the new sprouts. I pulled and I scuffle hoed them down for weeks and weeks. Finally, I got them under control! That said, I was keen on getting my palms trimmed well before the trees went to seed.

Take that, Mexican Fan Palms! I did some research on these trees again and found that they are actually classified as Nuisance Trees in some cities. I can see why as they grow really fast and every year about this time, they sprout the flowers which are pretty and smell wonderful but the seeds grow like weeds all around the base of each tree. Now that’s a nuisance! The ten-two refers to the pruned, shaped tree.

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    • The entire home inside and out is treated by a pest control company every sixty days or so, no bugs here but I do find the occasional Scorpion in the garage. They are caught in the sticky traps on the floor. Nasty critters!

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