Along this road were many more people than this with shopping carts loaded with whatever had been collected by these homeless folk. The irony of it. Drive a bit either way, you’ll see the Vegas Strip in very sharp contrast. This should never be in our country, it’s complete bullshit. Look closely at the sign too…

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  1. I had the same thought about the $1500 dollars? really? Sounds like the politicians running the place have lined their pockets for a new swimming pool or something. Mr. Reagan was a great man and a great president, the best I’ve ever seen in my life. You know my thoughts on California, it’s so sad how what I see as Socialism has run the state into the ground. I suppose this has tons to do with the number of Californians moving to Las Vegas. If they turn this place into another hive of Socialism, I’m gone.

    • The irony is that after Democrat voters ruined the state, they exited en masse to Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Texas. Washington, Oregon and Colorado are lost and the other three are trending in that direction. These states used to be the solid bedrock of Reagan’s political base. It’s sad, indeed — not only for those states, but for the nation as well.

  2. I’ve mentioned before that my hometown is El Centro — known by locals as Hell Centro for its brutal summer heat. Calexico, a border town just south of El Centro, does not have the money to provide a cooling center for the homeless.

    A local business owner donated a vacant building that the city might convert into a shelter, but the city does not have the $1500 necessary to replace the electrical panel — and they won’t know if the cooling system works until the panel is installed. In any case, there’s no money for a new air conditioner so it’s a catch-22.

    The homeless used to seek relief at the transit plaza, but the city removed the benches and trees to prevent the homeless from loitering. Now they have nowhere to go.

    Shade trees are disappearing all across the valley because of drought restrictions and the cost of water. Some years ago, the Imperial Valley agreed to transfer water to San Diego with the assurance that it would not burden local residents with rationing and higher costs.

    Of course, that was a lie. Today, people can’t afford to water their yards so trees are dying and lawns have turned into dust bowls. The fruit trees, shade trees and grass lawn at our old homestead are all gone.

    I can’t imagine how anyone can live on the streets under these conditions — and government is clearly inadequate for the task. A city can’t find $1500 to pay for some electrical work? Really?

    Like Reagan so eloquently stated,

    “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

    Like transferring the valley’s water to San Diego. It’s a desert! We need the water! What were the politicians thinking?!

    Money. Millions of dollars in transfer payments … yet there’s no cash to provide a cooling center for the homeless?

    Democrats are a super majority in California so this has become our new normal. The Golden State is not so golden these days.

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