The Mountain Church

I love this church. I love all churches actually but this one is so rustic and beautiful! Add to this the magnificent backdrop and you’ve got a church folks will come to maybe just for the view! Well, I hope they come to worship the Lord of course! Taking Kyle Canyon Road west when leaving the 95 freeway behind you, you’ll pass this beautiful church on your right when heading west. The Mount Charleston Lodge is just across the street too. They recently spent several million dollars in upgrades to the entire place so the next time I’m up there I better stop for a look, and have some lunch! Mountain Love! Nevada Love!!

6 thoughts on “The Mountain Church

  1. I have attended service in that church with a friend many years ago…very peaceful ….and YES!!! you must have lunch at the lodge…DELICIOUS!!!! and don’t forget to try a Lodge coffee…….YUMMY!!!!!…winter is my favorite season up there where the fireplace is roaring and snow falling……however summer out on that deck is SOOOOOO refreshing from our desert heats….. 🙂

    • It really is, thank you! Stand still, you won’t hear much. Just the wind and birds and… ❤️

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