Month: Jul 2019

Rain in The Valley

As promised by the National Weather Service yesterday, we have thunder and rain in the valley today, we need this! A flash flood warning is up until 4:30 PM or so… ❤️

Battle Born

On the way to the store I grabbed this photo of our state flag under Old Glory. You can read more about the history of Nevada here.

Riding The 95 North

On my way home from the store yesterday, I grabbed these photos whilst in transit. Children, do not ever do this unless you’ve had lessons from an old pro at it like myself. I mean it! Anyway, sometimes you are… Read More ›

Up Your Palm!

Here’s a goofy photo – I had the 10-20mm wide angle lens attached, just randomly put the camera against the tree. Cool! 😂😎🌴

The Whirlybird Spins Again

Rotation. It’s all about rotation! The big blades hold the bird up, the small vertical blade stops the bird from spinning out of control. The entire bird rotates in a large circle above whatever is going on below. Life is… Read More ›

Almost Sunset

Last eve I was watching the tube and heard another chopper flying nearby. This time it was passing directly overhead, it was once again Las Vegas Metro circling another auto accident nearby, that’s just a guess. I sat down with… Read More ›

The Negative Desert

Watching Star Trek: First Contact and playing with photo applications. Typical eve in progress in my home. This is what Mars may look like if some people get their way… 😬😎