Rain in The Valley

As promised by the National Weather Service yesterday, we have thunder and rain in the valley today, we need this! A flash flood warning is up until 4:30 PM or so… ❀️

Riding The 95 North

On my way home from the store yesterday, I grabbed these photos whilst in transit. Children, do not ever do this unless you’ve had lessons from an old pro at it like myself. I mean it! Anyway, sometimes you are surrounded by lots of cars, other times you seem to be by yourself on the freeway!

Up Your Palm!

Here’s a goofy photo – I had the 10-20mm wide angle lens attached, just randomly put the camera against the tree. Cool! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄

The Whirlybird Spins Again

Rotation. It’s all about rotation! The big blades hold the bird up, the small vertical blade stops the bird from spinning out of control. The entire bird rotates in a large circle above whatever is going on below. Life is a circle! And we meet again…

Almost Sunset

Last eve I was watching the tube and heard another chopper flying nearby. This time it was passing directly overhead, it was once again Las Vegas Metro circling another auto accident nearby, that’s just a guess. I sat down with the Nikon out back and noticed this scene as the whirly bird continued circling. Not too bad for a sunset I guess but no golden colors… The chopper blew them away!

The Negative Desert

Watching Star Trek: First Contact and playing with photo applications. Typical eve in progress in my home. This is what Mars may look like if some people get their way… 😬😎

The Conversation

Along the way home from purchasing the Safe I snapped these two guys having a chat in the 106 degree heat. Whoa!! You gotta acclimate to this shit man… 😎🌴🌡πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚

Fuel Stations the Las Vegas Way

Some stations in Las Vegas are nicely landscaped with palm trees and other landscaping like this one. Many also have several one-armed bandits located inside too. It seemed so weird to me at first, these days I pay them no attention except for the people parked in front of them watching their money go down the old slot… Drop your money in my slot, I’ll put it to better use! Damn, did I just say that?


I’ve referred to those shiny spinning strobes atop police cars as Gumballs for as long as I can remember, weird aye? Our Metro Police have some nice cars to drive around in. I can tell that they have the engine and exhaust modifications for Police use just by looking at the dual tailpipes. Well, it’s likely anyway! They have to do something to keep up with the crooks around here…

Speaking of crooks around here, I purchased a very nice fireproof safe for the house today, it will be delivered in several days. Like many people, I have specific documents that need to be kept away from crooks and fire. This safe has a 1200 degree fire rating and will be very adequate for my purposes.

The Red White and Blue

My colorblind eyes see just a bit of red hiding in this photo, hope I got it right. This is my neighbor’s tree, it was beautiful before the leaves burst out last spring. Then came those damned big red berries, the kind that fall on my concrete approaching the front door.

They waste no time staining the concrete, hence I had to take a bucket of water and my concrete broom out there and try to grind off as much stain as possible. If it were my tree, the bloody thing would have been cut down and gone to the landfill long ago.

Oh Chili How I Miss You!

It’s been at least one month since I stopped making my chili, but only because of the salt in it. Frankly there aren’t any serious low sodium or sodium-free alternatives for beans and the other ingredients I commonly use in my home brewed chili. Bummer! I so miss the spicy, mouth burning deliciousness!

Flying Home Winter 2018

From Las Vegas to the cold of Michigan, I fly home for our family Christmas last year. I love my family, I love flight! Not all of my family are dogs though, let’s be clear here LOL!! 😬


Mr. Buck here and his head only buddy have been stuffed to their antlers, ready for a new life on display 24/7. Well, they don’t have to worry about food or hunters anymore! Those crazy Michiganders… 😎

Family That Have Passed

This tiny photo lives in my living room these days, it shows two aunts and two uncles and my mother in the early 1970’s in Michigan on the lake I grew up on. Time is truly the fire in which we burn. One aunt and uncle died just last year, they are the folks to the far left in the photo.

The third woman and the man to the far right are my other aunt and uncle. He died many years ago, my other aunt died two years ago. My father misses his two sisters so much. And the blonde woman? She is my mother whom died in 2012. As adults we understand that these days will come but that doesn’t make things any easier. I love them all deeply, and they are all alive in my heart forever.

Photo via Tamron 60mm lens