Construction on The Pass

Today I left early for a half-day trip. I traveled north on the 95 freeway until I met up with  SR 160 which takes you through Pahrump and eventually back into Las Vegas Valley. It was a great ride today with full sunshine and hot temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. After departing Pahrump after a couple stops for needful things I encountered plenty of road construction many miles before I started climbing up to reach the pass summit.

Turns out, that same construction continued all the way up and over the pass well below the top. These photos are from my downhill run when the construction was really thick. Traffic came to a complete halt several times. Lovely. Usually, traffic blasts up and down the pass at 55 mph or more. From a citizen’s perspective, I have no idea why the road was being resurfaced on the west side of the mountains, nor the road on the pass proper.

As a native of Michigan, I can assure you that I know all too well what shitty roads are like, and Michigan has the worst roads in the nation as far as I am concerned. Hence, the roads out here in Nevada are absolutely 100% better than those back home to me. This seems like a major waste of taxpayer money to me. I hope the next time I make this run, the roads will be complete. And they had damned well be smooth as a baby’s ass too.

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