Driving Through Ancient Seabed

The Red Rock Escarpment is actually a fault line which was part of an ancient sea floor over 200 million years ago. Imagine snapping your fingers and suddenly being back in that time. You’ll drown in your car or swim for the surface! Ancient sea shores are visible in many places, the places where the water lapped at the shoreline can be seen clearly. Others have found seashells high in the mountains too. There’s no doubt that this desert was once a very wet place but today it’s scorching hot and dry.

4 thoughts on “Driving Through Ancient Seabed

  1. How wonderful that these photos capture the striation in the mountains, visible evidence. Fascinating to think about, John.

    • Thanks Jet! Geology has always fascinated me. The beauty of the rocks and the many colors never ends. I’d love to see this area millions of years ago too, imagine how much higher these old crumbling mountains would be!

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