A Couple of Thoughts

Yesterday I had a pedicure done by my usual lady named Holly. I’m sure Holly isn’t her real name as she’s a Vietnam immigrant. In Las Vegas it’s normal to see entire families involved in the Mani and Pedi business. She did her usual wonderful work on my feet. Being diabetic, I take foot and hand care extremely seriously! Who want’s a foot or hand cut off?

Today I visited again, this time just to clean up my hands which took her about fifteen minutes as promised. During the process, she took each of my hands, one at a time, interlocking her fingers with mine. This was the moment I realised that she, this little Vietnamese woman was the first woman who had held my hands since the divorce now four years ago.

I began to snicker a little with that thought. She, in her best possible English, asked me what’s up. I told her that she’s the first woman to hold my hands in four years. We both got a laugh out of this! And so did one lady customer setting not too far from me. I put my hands up and said hey, it’s the truth!

Yeah, yours truly is great at foot and hand care but when it comes to meeting women? I’m still practically mortified. It’s too risky. It’s too scary! That said, I’m a hermit and love being at home but do love getting out and about with my camera obviously! Should I meet a gal friend someday, she may not like the fact that I’ll never marry again.

Nor would I grant access to my bank account. Ever. That’s the way it’ll be, don’t like that? Bye. See? I am now a bachelor until death do I part. After three marriages, it’s three strikes and I am OUT!

A Gripe About The Police

A couple days ago whilst heading home from the long ride around the Spring Mountains and passing through Pahrump, when I arrived back in Las Vegas, I noticed two Las Vegas Metro officers on their Harley’s. Yes, they ride the best. Both officers passed me, moving in almost perfect sync. When they passed me, the bike on the right came what must have been within fifteen foot of my truck. Now this really pissed me off. WTF, officers?

I was rather livid over this for a few hours. Why? Because I believe it was a damned reckless thing to do. Also, I’ve seen too many officers in cars and on bikes failing to use the turn signals whether changing lanes or making an actual turn. If you and I do this, we get a ticket, a fine and possibly lawyer and court fees to pay.

So then, what do the hypocrites get when they do this? Nothing! That’s bullshit in it’s purest form. Further, as I entered the two fifteen freeway, these two jokers blasted by everyone heading north. In a few moments. they were far far ahead of the lot of us who had entered the freeway at the same time. How is it that cops can go 80mph in a 65mph zone legally?

That’s hypocritical bullshit officers! Unless they were on an actual emergency call or chasing some nutter, they had zero business going so fast. There were no sirens or strobes switched on on either of the police bikes. When I saw what they were doing, I too sped up to eighty miles per hour. These two cops set a shitty example for the public.

Should I have tried to report them? Yeah right. If it even got sort of kind of done, all these cops will get is basically a slap on the wrist. So, the lesson here is that the police are hypocrites who operate above the laws of the state of Nevada. And we the little peons best behave or we’ll get squashed by the damned Gestapo with fines and other costs. Bullshit is bullshit no matter how you slice it.

7 thoughts on “A Couple of Thoughts

  1. Now, far be it for me, a foreigner, to take issue with the Las Vegas Police Department but might I respectfully suggest the American tax-payer is getting it all wrong. Here in the Netherlands they have a very different type of police officer and, I hope I won’t be accused of being sexist when I say they are probably a little easier on the eye than your men on Harley motorbikes. Take a look at the most delightful police officers we have here in the Netherlands who always have a ready smile and are unfailingly polite and helpful: https://richardbroom.photography/2018/08/05/the-jet-ski/

    • Well, it’s a different environment here. Nevada is an Open Carry state meaning I could walk around town with a pistol in it’s holster in public. I no longer own any guns but used to own several different caliber pistols. Concealed Carry is common here by the public. You need to complete a training course and have a clean record before the state will issue you the CC permit. Guns don’t scare me Richard, it’s the moron brandishing the weapons that do. That’s a very attractive officer in the link!

  2. Well, well, well…those naughty cops should feel shame. You, on the other hand, you don’t need to feel shame. You’re taking this time in life to take care of yourself and figure out what you’re interested in. 3 strikes just may mean you’re out this turn in life, but there’s always another turn – you show us that there is another side to LV in every photo you take. There’s always another side of life, too! PS – you’re very wise to take care of your nails with diabetes! 🙂

    • Hi Shelley! I am somewhat red faced by this post but I needed to get that out of me. I guess you had to be there to see the irresponsible lane change. I expect more from my police. I had Mani yesterday. I like my wrinkled hands and long skinny feet, let’s keep them attached!! 😂

  3. I totally understand your thoughts on financial sharing.. Or not. Maybe you will meet a woman who feels like you and never wants to marry again. Heck, if you get lonely, you can always adopt an animal. Shelters are full of them.

    • It wouldn’t make any difference.

      Under NO circumstances would anyone be allowed access to my finances. As for a pet, not going to happen because of the damage that would certainly be done to the home and furniture. Everything in my home is new. It’s a tough decision, but I need to keep my home pet free… There are zero women out there who could handle my perspectives on things and life. I am shut down and closed to relationships. It’s not fair to burden someone new with things that are not (her) fault anyway.

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